As I sit down to write this, what keeps coming back to me is how surreal it is that I’m putting together a website, and, even more, a website aimed at encouraging people to read my novel. My novel! I have always loved to write, and always dreamed of writing fiction. Although I have much work to do between now and then, I hope that in the fall of 2018, you’ll decide to read Unreasonable Doubts, published by She Writes Press.

After graduating from Yale College and Yale Law School, I practiced as a juvenile rights attorney with the Legal Aid Society, and then as a criminal appellate attorney with a nonprofit public defender’s office for nearly eighteen years. That job, and a number of the clients I represented, inspired the story of Unreasonable Doubts. But the novel is more than a legal thriller. Rather, it’s the story of Liana Cohen, a young woman grappling with what it means to salvage her idealism in an often harsh world, and learning how to find friendship, faith, and love in the right places.

I still keep a hand in the law as a volunteer, representing women and men who are seeking temporary restraining orders against their intimate partners. I’ve written and continue to write personal essays for a number of websites including Kveller, Grown & Flown, and others, and you’ll find some of those pieces here and links to the others. My first short story, “A Reckoning” was published in the 2017 issue of the Westchester Review, and a teaser from the story is here as well.

I am married to Pierre Gentin, whom I have known since our high school days on Long Island when he was the captain of the football team and I was the head cheerleader. Okay, not really, but meeting in Orchestra sounds so geeky. Our two children are the light of our lives.