March 22, 2024 The SJ Childs Show


Speaker 2: Welcome to the SJ Childs Show, where a little bit of knowledge can turn fear into understanding. Enjoy the show. Hi, and thank you for joining the SJ Childs Show today. I’m really looking forward to my conversation today with Reyna. It will be, I know, just very informative and exciting. Thank you so much for being here today. Introduce yourself and let us know kind of a little bit about you.

Speaker 1: Sure, my name is Reyna Marder-Gentin and I live in the suburbs of New York City. I spent many years practicing law, and I still do so on a volunteer basis, but I stopped practicing on a full-time, paid basis about almost 10 years ago. W when I stopped doing that, I started doing some writing. I actually kind of fell into it. A friend of mine was taking a class at a local university and she invited me to come along with her, and that really changed everything. I’ve written now three novels and then also just a lot of other essays and short stories …  all sorts of stuff that I’ve been able to have published. It’s been great. It’s been a whole different outlook on what to do with my time and how to reach people and how to talk to people, and it’s really been great.

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